SAT & AP French Exam Test Preparation

Small Class Size (5-10 students)

or Individual Sessions

Also instruction in French, Spanish,

Latin and Mandarin

Small Groups or Individual Sessions



Review of:

    • Grammar


    Oral /written expression


Practice exams SAT/AP French under exam conditions

Please note that the preparation for these exams requires a six month commitment

100% success rate




Lisa Taylor

Experienced language teacher

French native speaker

Graduated master degrees in French, Spanish, Mandarin from Paris Dauphine University

Specialization in teaching non-native speakers

Professor of education

Many years of experience teaching and tutoring

Author of bilingual books. (See


"I love my profession, transmitting knowledge, and working with teenagers and other age groups in various languages. I believe being bilingual is a big plus nowadays — for success in business, for enjoyment of travel, for cultural enrichment, and to keep the brain active. For students, success with the SAT/AP exam is especially important for admission to universities worldwide and for success with their college studies and beyond."




At my office in Piedmont.

Arrangements can be made to go to student’s place.




Payment is required at the beginning of the month.

A deposit of $100 is required to secure your spot.

Make up classes will be arranged for all students missing class due to vacation or other obligation.




For any questions or to enroll please contact me at:





I have received the results for the AP French Test and I  got a 4. Thank you so much for helping us prepare for the AP French test. I can tell that you have really helped me improve my French skills. I also really appreciate how much you are able to connect with all of us during the sessions that where held. Overall I am really happy that you helped me achieve a 4 on my AP French Test and I hope that you can help many others also achieve a 4.        — Addison

Thank you for helping us study for the AP test. You are a very good teacher and I know that all of us who were studying with you enjoyed you as a teacher and respected you a lot. I found that the way that you let us decide what we were going to do next lesson was very helpful. The methods used to help us learn all of the information was very clean and seamless. Thanks for helping us achieve a 4 on the AP French Test.

  — Parker